Extra Curricular Activities


Kittyhawk Air Society:

KHAS is the academic honor society of AFJROTC that promotes high academic standards, school and community service, self-confidence, and initiative. KHAS also develops leadership abilities, recognizes academic excellence, and furthers members' knowledge of the Air Force role in aerospace. KHAS has the flexibility to include objectives of local unit chapters under a single umbrella with the advantages of national stature.

The Kitty Hawk Air Society is for AFJROTC cadets who excel academically. This is the counterpart to the Schools National Honor Society. To be considered for membership, cadets must maintain an “A” average in Aerospace Science and Leadership Education courses and an have an overall GPA of at least a 3.0. The S ASI will approve all new members prior to nomination and induction. Kitty Hawk meets daily to tutor cadets in any high school subject that they may be having diffuclty in.


Drill Team and Color Guard:

These activities are the“spit-and-polish” activities of the cadet corps. Cadets participate in various performances in the school and community, as well as compete in drill competitions for awards . Cadets chosen for these teams must demonstrate outstanding conduct, attitude, performance, and academic progress . Practices will be held as directed by the SASI /ASI s. Failure to attend practices and or scheduled events will result in removal from the drill team or color guard. No one will be removed without prior approval of the SASI in coordination with the ASI’s.



Recruiting Team creates posters, videos and other media to attract potential cadets to join the Corps of Cadets. We also make visits to York Junior High School and Irons Junior High school to talk to students about joining The Air Force Junior ROTC Program in 9th grade.




Orienteering Team is a land navigation sport, which involves compass orientation, map reading, pre- defined courses and timing. The sport can be practiced in virtually any topography or space. The four person team will be made up of volunteer cadets, who can receive an orienteering ribbon buy operating in 3/4 of all scheduled competitions.


Saber Team:

The mission of the Oak Ridge High School Junior ROTC Sabre Drill Team is to demonstrate professional military skills through the performance of intricate sabre manual. The team was formed in 1995 through the initiative of cadets. They wanted a team that would exemplify the highest military excellence and calibre of cadets.

Cadets can join the team in their freshman year and may remain a member until they graduate. Those who make the team are required to devote one afternoon each week to sabre and drill practices.

The team performs throughout the academic year for a variety of activities, including social functions, honorary ceremonies, sporting events, intercollegiate drill competitions.


Awareness Presentation Team:

Members participate in school/community anti-drug awareness programs and perform drug awareness presentations at elementary and middle schools. Cadets meeting established qualifications receive the Awareness Presentation Team Badge.