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General Information: Oak Ridge High School is committed to offering the best science program for each student.  Our goal is to help all students select the science sequence that most meets their needs.  In order to allow for a wide variety of career choices, each student is encouraged to take the most challenging science courses available.  All science classes meet the 40% lab and fieldwork requirement and incorporate the TEKS within the curriculum.

Science Grading Policy:
Level: 70% Major – 30% Daily
Advanced: 80 Major – 20 Daily

Club Sponsors
Biotechnology – Misty Copeland & Eve Whiteside
Robotics – Tim Fox
Science Bowl – Mark Rouse
Science National Honor Society – Arretta Bateman & Jeanette McKinney
Science UIL – Esmeralda Garcia
Vet Club – Aretta Bateman

Science Faculty