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Grading Policy & Test Procedures

2019-2020 Grading Policy

In an effort to provide all students with a fair and equitable academic advantage, ORHS has created a grading policy that measures mastery of skill and provides scholastic integrity.

Grading Templates

Level Classes (4 pt): 70% Major 30% Minor/Daily
(3 major grades and 9 minor grades during each nine week grading period)

Advanced Classes (5 and 6 pt): 80% Major 20% Minor/Daily
(3 major grades and 9 minor grades during each nine week grading period)

*Exception for first nine weeks only = minimum 2 major grades due to weather days.

Test Retakes
As a campus, we believe in mastery learning. Mastery learning entails that students should continue to grow and challenge themselves until the material is mastered. In order to support that endeavor, we have adopted the following retest policy:
Students in level classes have the opportunity to retest two written tests during each nine week grading period per specifications below; this does not include cumulative nine weeks tests or semester/final exams. Students in above-level classes (AP, Pre-AP/H, DC) have the opportunity to retest one written test per the same specifications.

The following information applies for retests:

  1. Students must take the original test and give a full attempt to qualify for retest.
  2. The original grade will be recorded until the retest is administered and scored.
  3. Students will complete appropriate remediation as required prior to retest.
  4. The highest of the two grades will be recorded with the lower score included after the decimal of the new score to indicate that a retest occurred in gradebook.
  5. The retest opportunity will only be available on scheduled date(s), and the option expires by the next major grade or before the end of the grading period, whichever comes first.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange remediation and schedule the retest at times offered.
  7. The retest policy does NOT apply to major projects, nine week tests, mid-terms, or final exams.
  8. Students may only retest once per assessment.

Projects and Papers –
Students will have up to THREE consecutive school days to submit a late major assignment. Ten points will be deducted from the graded assignment for each consecutive day missed (excluding weekends) with 30 points being the maximum penalty.

Assignments turned in after the late window do NOT have to be accepted by the teacher. If the teacher chooses to accept the late assignment, a maximum grade of 50 can be earned.

Minor Grades –
Minor work not submitted on the due date at class collection time may be turned in on the next class day for a deduction of 10 points.

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