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Attendance and VOE Information

ORHS Attendance Information

Attendance Procedures

  • A note from a parent/guardian is required when you miss school for partial day or a whole day.
  • Notes must be taken to the attendance office before or after school or during your lunch period, within 48 hours after returning to school.
  • You may report your student absent on the day of their absence using the above phone message system. If the day of absence has passed, a note will be required with a signature. A phone message will not be accepted.
  • If a student needs to sign out and drive off campus, a note including the date, student name, time leaving, reason and parent signature is required. The note is to be turned in to the attendance office upon first arrival of student before their first class.

Attendance Requirements for Credit

  • According to state law students must be in attendance 90 percent of the time to receive credit.
  • This translates to 5 absences for each class during a semester.
  • Any class with absences over 5, may result in the loss of credit in that class.
  • If you are denied credit, you are required to take the class again. NO CREDIT BY EXAM!
  • Students may appeal absences to the attendance committee.
  • Note that your attendance during the school year effects proof of enrollment during the summer, for obtaining your driver’s license.


The following events will result in a student being recorded for non attendance:

  • Leaving campus without signing out through the attendance office.
  • Leaving campus for any unauthorized reason.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your class.
  • Failing to be in the cafeteria during your correct lunch period.
  • Failure to be in the area designated for your class- Example: being in school parking lot without permission.

Driver’s Licence Attendance Verification (a.k.a VOE – Verification of Enrollment)

To obtain a driver’s license in the state of Texas, a student between the ages of 15 and 18 must annually provide to the Texas Department of Public Safety a form obtained from the school verifying that the student has met the 90 percent attendance requirement for the semester preceding the date of application. The student can request this form from their Assistant Principal’s office. Requests are typically processed within 48 hours (2 school days from request). Students should remember that buildings are closed during spring and winter break as well as holidays and should plan accordingly.