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Attendance and VOE Information

ORHS Attendance Information

If the student is 10th – 12th grader, please use Senior Campus email and phone numbers.

Senior Campus Email:

Senior Campus Attendance line: 832-592-5433

Senior Campus Attendance Fax: 936-709-9434

If the student is a 9th grader, please use 9th Grade Campus email and phone numbers.

9th Grade Campus Email:

9th Grade Campus Attendance Line: 281-465-5012

9th Grade Campus Attendance Fax: 936-709-9504


TO REPORT AN ALL DAY ABSENCE(S):You may report your student absent on the day of their absence by email or by calling the attendance line (each day your student is absent) and leave the following information, or you may send a note which includes the following:

  • Student’s Name and ID #
  • Date(s) of Absence(s)
  • Reason for Absence(s)
  • Parent/Guardian Name and signature
  • Contact phone numbers

You will receive an automated phone call on the day your student is absent from school.

If the day of absence has passed, a note with a signature will be required. A phone message will not be accepted.

TO RELEASE YOUR CHILD EARLY OR FOR MID-DAY APPOINTMENTS:(All students must be signed out by an authorized person with photo ID)

Please send a note with your child and have them drop off the note at the attendance office (located at front entrance of the school) preferably before school begins. Your child will receive a permit to be released from class at the time specified on the note. The note should include:

  • Student’s Name and ID #
  • Date of Release
  • Time of Release
  • Reason of release
  • Parent/Guardian Name and signature
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Permission to drive off campus (if applicable)

You can also email or fax the school to request an early release for your student. Please send request in advance in order to give the student office aide ample time to locate your student. A permit to leave early will not be sent to a student if we do not receive the request before 2:15 pm.

Please provide any doctor’s note to the attendance office when the student has been excused from school by a doctor.


CV (College visit form)pdf

REL (Religious) Verificationpdf

Parent request for excused absencepdf


  • State Law requires that students must be in attendance 90% of the time to receive credit. This translates to 5 absences for each class during a semester.
  • Any class with 5 or more absences may result in the loss of credit in that class.
  • If you are denied credit, you are required to take the class again. NO CREDIT BY EXAM!

DRIVER’S LICENSE ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION: (a.k.a VOE – Verification of Enrollment)

To obtain a driver’s license in the state of Texas, a student between the ages of 15 and 18 must provide to the Texas Department of Public Safety a form obtained from the school verifying that the student has met the 90 percent attendance requirement for the semester preceding the date of application. The student can request this form from their Assistant Principal’s office. Requests are typically processed within 48 hours (2 school days from request). Students should remember that buildings are closed during spring and winter break as well as holidays and should plan accordingly.